1.    Hari priya karthikeyan - Sinus erythemia and its effect on people

2.    Varusha Sharon C - Paper notes and coins as potential vectors in transmissible diseases A Review

3.  Cinthura - Awareness about symptoms about Menopause

4. Trinaina Somas Kandhan - Effect on dieting on BMR and how to effectively diet A review

5.Adeline Persia - Role of sleep debrivation and constipation

6.Pranati - Review about the benefits and mechanisms of increase cardiac output during exercise

7.  Pranati - Review on the causes and effects of chocolate cravings

8.Hena Mariam Fathima - Incidences, diagnosis and treatment of BP among out patients A survey

9. Nashwah Hinaz - Incidences of physiological goiter in students A survey

10. Manthra - Review on induced oral mucositis – its responsible factors and their influence

11. Gayathri Karthikeyan - A review on the correlation of type II diabetes & oral thrush

12.  Sai Sandhya -Awareness of blood transfusion among dental outpatients

13. Anjana - A review on ozone therapy

14.  Meghana Reddy - A survey on general awareness among people about the role of antioxidants in health

15. Shreya Kothari - A survey on Halitosis

16. Balaji - How radiation affects the hematological count on the cell phone users

17.  M Saranya - Effect of respiratory problems on C section and vaginal birth

18. Ditty J Mary - Effect of Amla on constipation

19. Priyadharshini - Effect of lemon grass on muscle spasm

20. Neveda Baskeran - Musculoskeletal disorder in dentistry – A Review

21.  Dhanalakshmi - Effect of black tea on Diarrohea

22.  VignesH - Effect of sageextract on hypertensive patients

23.  Kalaiselvi Perumal - Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in dental students A study

24.  Deepika.V - A Survey to analyse the status of myopia in Adolescxents

25.  Noor ul Huda - A review on people with diadetes having sensirineural hearing loss

26.  Ashwin Kumar - Comparison of BMI between Vegeterians & Non vegeterians

27.  Saranya.M - A study of Peak expiratory Flow amony metrorail workers

28. Vinishdharma - A review on usage of lemon grass in dental field

29.  Vinishdharma - Knowledge & awareness about needle stick injury among undergraduate students                    

30. Simon Chouman - Effect of hemoglobin count after Ozone therapy

31.   Prerna Jain - Blood viscosity levels in different kinds of patients

32.  Kalyani - Attitude of dental students towards tobacco cessation counselling

33.  P Keshaav Krishnaa - Effect of diet on sleep in obstructive sleep apnea patient

34. P Keshaav Krishnaa - To estimate the influence of age on the size of Staphylococcus aureus organisms in the oral microbial flora

35.  Sankavi M - A comparitive study about 2nd year syndrome among medical, dental and Nursing students

36.  Subeeksha - To estimate the effect of time induced stress on blood pressure

37.   Sahil Choudhari - Knowledge and attitude of dental students towards complementary and alternative medicine

38. Meena Priya - Effect of lemon grass oil on arthritis

39.  Nancy Selva Mary - Effect of Oregano on irregular menstrual cycl

40.  Padma harish - Willingness & difficulties among dental students in treating patients with neurological disorders – A survey based study

41.  Kiren - A study on prevalence of oral mucosal lesions among patients with Type I & II

42.  Nihal Sachdev - Effect of green tea on anemic patient

43.  Rachel Paul - Neurobiological effect of physical exercise on Euphoria

44.  Kiren - Prevalance & risk factors associated with hypertension among children & adolescents

45. Dharahaas - A systematic review on lumbar spondilitis

46. Vimal Adhithyan - potential for the incorporation of ozone therapy in the practice of dentistry.

47.   Gayatri K Rajpurohit - Comparitive study between oil pulling and mouth wash

48.  V S Apporva - Prevalence of ADHD – a casestudy

49. Sneha hariharan - Teeth anomalies in consanguineous marriage – A survey

50.  Shebi S - Effect of aloe vera in constipation

51.   Shebi S - Study on muscular endurance in nurses

52.  Keerthiga Nagarajan - Effect of green tea on gums

53.  Manya Suresh - Incidents & etiopathogenesis of oral mucosa fibrosis – a review

54. Manya suresh - The effect of surya namaskaram on stress

55. C S Mangal - Dental Carries and blood group

56. Kethishwar Raj -  Role of kalpalbhati pranayana yogasanas on asthmatic patients

57.   Westeous Dominic - Systematic review on plantar fascitis

58. Mugilan - Ozone therapy in Arthritis

59. Jagadish - Ozone therapy in cardiovascular diseases

60. Monica antony - A Study on muscular endurance in security people

61. Monica antony - Study on muscular endurance in automobile mechanics

62. Elakkiya - Relationship between weight and blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure

63. Rene Jochebed - Common sleep disorders in Adolescents A Survey

64. Jembulingam - Music : A stress relieving factor in patients undergoing dental students

65. Thanish - Bruxism and Biopsychosocial Symptoms - A Systematic Review

66. Gayatri Devi and Jothi Priya - Diverse approaches to detect enlarged adenoids - a short review

67. Kalyani P - Comparison between body image perception and actual BMI among adolescents- a survey

68. Karthika Devi - Deleterious functional impact of anemia on adolescents: A survey study

69. Geethika B - Effect of meditation on sleep- a questionnaire based study among dental students

70. Subashri A - Self-perceived halitosis and oral hygiene habits among school students

71. Harsha - Systemic approach to management of neonatal jaundice and prevention of kernicterus

72. Mahamutha Affshana M - Healing mechanism in bone fracture

73. Gayatri Devi R, Gowri Sethu - Establishing norms for nasal spirometry

74. Gayatri Devi R, Gowri Sethu -  Evaluation of adenoids by oronasal and nasal spirometry.

75. Anubhav Das - Effect of chemotherapy treatment in the body

76. Lasya - Awareness of amount of intakje of drinking water by an individual

77. Bala vignesh - Comparison between diet and exercise for faster weight loss

78. Ramya - Systemic effects of formalin on medical and dental students A questionaire study

79. Preethi - Sleep deprivation and cell phone usage among teenagers

80. Vaishnavi - Effect of lemon grass oil on body pain

81. Azima - A questionnaire survey on association between tooth loss and menopause

82. Sathvika - Comparitive opinions on new term and old time hostellites

83. Chitralekha - Prevalence of carries in south indiansd who brush twice vs the indiviudals who brush once

84. Aditya Jain - Evaluation of c reactive protein in obese individuals

85. Yasmeen - A survey on comparitive effect of wearing high heals among long term and short term users

86. Shama Anjum - Evaluation of lipid profile status in metabolic syndrome

87. Aishwarya - A short review on safety and availability of the blood

88. Arthi - A survey on people undergoing paleo diet

89. Ovia - Oral hygiene ammong patients with diabetes meelitus

90. Mathivadani - Evaluation of pulmoanry function test on IT professionals

91. Sudrashan Ravichandran - Status of cortisol among patients with diabetes mellitus

92. Srinisha - Survey on effects of yoga on memory

93. Inchara - The hidden effects of day dreaming

94. Akshaya - Effects of bhastrika pranayama on PFR in wheezing patients

95. Anirudh - Evaluation of Alpha feto protein level in cancer patients

96. Ashwin sahravan kumar - Level of cortisol in patients with cardiovascular disease

97. Barathi Raja, Preetha, Jothi Priya - Effect of kapalbhati pranayama in Blood sugar level in diabetic patients

98. Cibi karthik, preetha, jothi priya - Impact of dysmennorhea on academic performance in college girls

99. Jeyakeerthana, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Physiological and pharmacological effects of terminalia bellerica

100. Keshav Krishnaa,Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Awareness about necrotising fascitis among student population

101. Nivethitha, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Comparitive study on the sleeping pattern between hostelite and day scholars among south indian population

102. Rangeela, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Compartitve study on the muscular strenght between trained and untrained men

103. Revathi, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Awareness about attention deficient hyperactivity disorders among teenagers

104. Sahana, preetha, jothi priya - A study on the effect on aerobics on depression

105. Santhosh Bala, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Physiological and pharmacological effects of Bacopa Monneri

106. Shanmukhi, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Rythm of breathing effects memory and fear

107. Sharon, Jothi Priya - SYstematic review on thew overprescription of antibiotics causing antibiotic resistance

108. Sohaib, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Levels of LH in patients with PCOD

109. Sivaharini, preetha, jothi priya - Evaluation of PFT in construction workers

110. Sadhvi, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - Awareness of hydrophobia among south indian population

111. Swetha A, Jothi Priya - Intensity of stress among exam going students among south indian population

112. Tasleem Abitha, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi - A questionnaire on the awreness of paracusia among south indian population

113.Vigneshwaran, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi, Savitha - Estimation of cortisol among patients with obesity

114. Vinaya swetha, Jothi Priya, Gayatri Devi -Students nutrtion status and their physical activity

115. Rithanya, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Evaluation of PFT among tea industry workers in Nilgris

116. Kethan, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Evaluation of PFT in lorry drivers

117. Priyadarshini, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Determination of pulse rate and BP just before exam

118. Chaitanya Sree, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Evaluation of hand grip strength in Zumba dancers

119. Santhanam, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Role of mediattion in reducing stress

120. Tasleema Nandhini, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Effect of garlic on BP in hypertensive patiets

121. Thirumagal, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Unhygienic food and sugar carving A short review

122. Alagu Rathi bharathi, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Evaluation of hand grip strength in obese and non obese individuals

123. Haripriya, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Effects of mobile phone usage before sleep

124. Vignesh, Preetha, Gayatri Devi - Assessment of PFT in athelets