1. Nasal spirometry - A new test to detect Nasopharngeal obstruction

2. Protective role of L-theonine on unpredictable chronic mild stress induced neurobiological changes in Wistar albino rats.

3. Myofacial pain

4. Pranic Healing in dysmennorhea

5. ANU ISWARYA.J - Attitude and perceptions of parents towards their children ‘s education and extracurricular activities

6. ADITI CHOPRA- Effect of cucumber mint water on weight reduction

7. AKANSHA KISHEN - Comparative effect of rosemary and peppermint oil on muscle spasm

8. AKASH.N - Fruits and vegetables as adolescents food choices among Chennai populations

9. AKILAROORAN.A - Comparative study of amla with honey and dates on haemoglobin levels

10. APURVA CHOUDHARY - Study on veg or non veg more prone to hypertension among people

11. ARUNN JAIKUMARR RAM - Assessment of BMI, BP and heart rate among sleep deprived people

12. ASHWIN JAIKUMAR RAM - Assessment of BP and pulse rate among the teachers and students

13. ASHWINI.K - A survey on the student engagement in physiology education among dental students

14. BALAMITHRA.S - Estimation of GGT level in liver cancer

15. DEEPTHI SOGASU - Prevalence of anaemia among UG girls of saveetha dental college who suffer from PCOS

16. DHAKSHINYA.M - Choice of shampoo among dental students

17. DHARSAN.R - A survey on BMI of women before and after pregnancy

18. DRUSILLIN JOOMY JOHN JEYA SINGH - Mouth ulcers can be cured faster by natural methods or modern medicine

19. JAYA VABUSHANA.V - Assessment of calcium ion level in infertility

20. KARISHMA - Effect of different types of drinking water and its impact on health of people in chennai

21. KAYAL.V.M - Changes in haematological parameters in oral cancer patients

22. KUSHALI.R - Comparative study of aromatherapy and anti depressants pills on anxiety and depressed people

23. LINGAM SAI CHARAN - Assessment of blood pressure pre and post extration

24. NEHA - A survey on choice of tooth paste among dental students

25. PADMAJA.S - Prevalence of diabetes among vegetarians and non vegetarians

26. PALA ANANDA VASISHTA - Survey on prevalence among adolescents in Chennai population

27. PRATHIBA REICHAL.C - Knowledge, attitude and practices about yoga and exercise among health professionals in Tamilnadu

28. RAJASRI PRADEEP - Comparative effect of raw ginger and ginger oil on pain

29. RINKI SUSAN GEORGE - Awareness of nutrition and anaemia among dental students in south Indian population

30. RITYA MARY JIBU - Cancer risk among vegterians and non vegterians

31. SHARMILA.R - Comparative effect of peppermint and juniper oil on joint  pain

32. SHEETAL KUMARI - Effect of combination of rosemary, peppermint and coconut oil on pain relief

33. SNEKHA. - A survey on phobia – an anxiety disorder

34. TAHREEM FATHIMA - A survey on awareness of symptoms in anemia among women

35. TWINKLE FRANCIS - Comparative effect of intense exercise and yoga on memory

36. VIKRAMAN.K.S - Knowledge and awareness of food and nutrition in school children

37. Jai rexlin.E - Awareness on effect of soporific drugs on physiological functions

38. Pinky ruskin - A survey on  influences of social media among students.

39. Jeyashree.T - Comparative study of clove and garlic on relieving tooth ache

40. Sree lakshmi.S. B - Measurements of BP, pulse rate and respiratory rate by three different types of music

41. Sharwini baskar - Estimation of bicarbonate level in non- diabetics and diabetics populations

42. YAZHLINI PRABHAKAR - Knowledge and awareness of health risks about passive smoking in Chennai population


44. V.S Thamarai selvi - Follicle stimulating hormone[FSH] and leutinizing hormone[LH] LEVELS IN BREAST CANCER45.

45. Harini. B - Study of calcium levels in pre and post menopausal women

46. Allour.vaishnavi - A survey on fruit variety to make young age among south Indian population

47. Kameswari.S - Knowledge,attitude and practise towards eating habits among the teenagers to be young

48. Pavithra A.S - Effect of orange on constipation patients

49. G.Swetha - Physiological effects of marathon

50. Aparna.J - Widespread complication in the eyes of children due to excessive use of electronic gadgets

51. Sankari niveditha .A - Comparative study of effect of lavender& rosemary oil in relieving pain

52. Blessy pushparathna.S - Effects of apple cider vinegar[ACV] on diabetic and obese individuals

53. Reethiga - A questionnaire based study on the awareness of skeletal fluorosis in south indian population

54. Aksha Sharen Arul Merlin - A comparative study on the estimation of pulmonary function test between smokers and non smokers

55. Titus Lalith Anthony - Awareness of paleo diet among dental students – A survey

56. Charanya Suresh - Comparitive study ofblood pressure variability in peri menopausal working and non working women of Chennai

57. Bathala Ananya - Evaluation of sodium and potassium levels in chronic renal failure patients

58. Surya C - Analysis of physical and mental fitness between bookwormers and fittners

59. Sasipriya G - Impact of excessive mobile phone usage on adults

60. Sarojini - Effect of aerobics on health status and physical fitness

61. Rithanya M - Study on awareness of bleeding disorders among medical professionals

62. Kaviya L - Comparitive study of health and physical status of sedentary workers  performing yoga and aerobic exercise

63. Magdelene - Awareness of polycystic ovarian syndrome on school going childrens among south indian population

64. Navya Khanna - Awareness about lifestyle diseases and associated risk factors among college going students

65. Hariprasath - Knowledge and practices of dietary supplemets among students of saveetha dental college

66. Poorna Sai Reddy - Comparitive study on the estimation of BMI in adult males and females among south indian population.

67. Genji Lasya - Comparitive study on the evaluation of

68. Chaitanya Sree - A study  on the biochemical evaluation of creatinine in patients with chronic renal failure

69. Thaslima Nandhini - A study on the biochemical evaluation in breast cancer patients

70. Jaydeep Nag - A systematic review of omega 3 supplementation on pregnancy

71. Dhayanithi - Effect of music and its role in the development of physically challenged children

72. Kavya sree muruganandam - Mood disorders in children and adolescent

73. Thariny - Knowledge and attitude of the students about the local anesthetics used during surgery among south indian population.

74. Sree kala priyadarshini - Correlation between heavy menstruation with weight gain

75. Mohamed noufal - Oral manifestation in diabetic and non diabetic patients

76. R Akshaya - Relation between productivity and sleep hours among age of 18 to 25.

77. Pushpanjali - Physiological changes and associated behavior du to ageing

78. Divyadarshini A - A study on the effect of aerobics on ladies among south indian population

79. Kamala Devi - Age related Dental problems

80. Ashritha - A survey on the positive effects of music on humans

81. Aathira C M - Comparitive study on the heart rate and pulse rate among men and women

82. Pon Preeja - Sleep disorder in adolescence

83. Deepika R - Effect of meditation on mental stress among dental students

 84. Sreenidhi - A comparative study on the impact of cardiovascular prevalence in males and females

85. Kaviya N E - Views about college students regarding PCOD among south indian population

86. Aleena Alex - Oral hygiene among the people with intellectual disability

87. Naveena - The comparative study on hemoglobin and BMI among dental students

88. Arokiya rajkumar shancy merlin - survey on individual strategies for human adaptations under extreme conditions

89. Vidya sri - prevalence f hirisitism in women with menstrual disorders

90. kowshihan - Comparitive study based on the impacts of junk foods on obese and hypertensive patients.

91. Sushma G - scientific nd therapeutic effects of self healing herb

92. Priya - Impact of stresson menstrual cycle

93.Dhivyadarshini   J - Stress related eating behavior in adults with obesity

94. Saisree Anjana Rajeswaran - effect f diet on cognitive functioning

95. Padma Priyaa Assessment of nutritional status among the students of saveetha dental college

96. Theiva Chandran-A study on the effectiveness of knowledge and acquisition for students using innovative teaching methods

97. B Amrithaa - Influence of gender and locality on the attitude of adolescents towards AIDS

98. Vignesh M -A systematic review on the scientific and therapeutic effects of self healling

99. Akshayaa L -Effects of yoga on health status and physical fitness – An ecological approach

100. Amritha Varshini -A study on the  correlation between irregular periods and weight gain

101. Nirubama -Comparitive study on the effect ts of blood pressure changes during menstrual cycle

102. Karthik V - Comparitive study of knowledge attitude and practice of family planning methods among South Indian population

103. Sowbarniya -A study on the correlation of stress with weight gain

104.Barani Shankar - Knowledge about basic  life support among medical professionals

105. Chris Noel Timothy - Knowledge awareness and attitude on hepatitis b Infection among medical students

106. Jeyakeerthana - Scientific and therapeutic effects of Saraca Asoca

107. V Mathivadani - Comparitive study on the evakluation of urea and creatinine in patients with chronic reanl failure

108. S Sivaharini - Study on the biochemical evaluation of urea in patients with chronic renal failure

109. Sowndarya B - Scientific and therapeutic effects of plumbago indica